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OO Gauge Model Railway: 900mm Single Track Girder Bridge


Twin Track Bowstring Bridge for OO gauge model railway projects

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OO Gauge Model Railway: 950mm Twin Track Girder Bridge




950mm Twin Track Girder Bridge
for OO gauge model railway projects.

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This bridge is delivered as a kit and is ready for prep’n’paint.
I suggest the use of PVA wood glue along with a few grains of table salt to prevent slippage but CA glue is a quick and perfectly adequate alternative.

These twin-track bridges are made using a CNC laser and are manufactured from 2mm HDF and 3mm MDF. Each vertical frame is made of 3mm thick MDF with 2mm HDF trims, the horizontal members are keyed into the verticals. The 3mm thick deck is keyed & glued into the Girder frames.

The 3mm thick wind bracing frame is keyed & glued onto the top of the Girder frames. The box-beam design results in a surprisingly strong structure.

The total extents of this bridge are: 950mm long, 148mm wide and 109mm high, the recommended maximum span is 920mm. The interior width of the bridge is 142mm and offers a vertical clearance of 98mm between the surface of the deck and the underside of the wind-bracing frames.

This bridge could be used upside down to give better views and access to the tracks & rolling stock.

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Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions420 × 180 × 50 mm

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