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Waiting Shelter for Kirkby Stephen Railway Station, Settle-Carlisle Line – 6 Metre New Build, OO


OO Gauge Model Railway: 800mm Single Track Girder Bridge

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OO Gauge Model Railway: Super Long Single Track Girder Bridge (1310mm)



The nominal length of this lonnnnnng bridge is 1310mm the cross sectional dimensions are the same as those for our standard OO single track girder bridge (see it here.)

The basic bridge is made from 3mm material on four sides, the trims are made from 2mm material and are intended for use on the sides only.

This is a very long span, we recommended that it is given adequate supplementary support and that all four sides are used to achieve the designed stability and strength.

Use a generous amount of good quality PVA wood glue during assembly and several bulldog clips or similar to offer clamping whilst the glue cures/dries.

This bridge is made from MDF & HDF and may need a little sanding at lugs & pockets to ease assembly. The parts are cut out by laser which can leave a smoky smell, this clears in no time and is more noticeable on newly created parts.

The kit arrives as a kit of parts, there are no instructions as it is very simple to assemble.
The length of the bridge is broken down into three sections, there should be no need to force or spring any parts into place. The trims are surface glued into place, there are no lugs! .. you might try putting a few grains of table salt on the glued surface to help control slippage.

Spare parts are available on request.

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Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions600 × 150 × 70 mm

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