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All of our railway buildings are manufactured on our precision laser machine using MDF and acrylic. Each one is a robust canvas for you to bring to life.  

Our OO Gauge Range:
We have a selection of sheds, bowstring bridges and girder bridges in single and twin-track formats. If you want something wider, just get in touch.

What is OO Gauge?
OO Gauge or OO Scale (also, 00 Gauge and 00 Scale) is the most popular model railway gauge in the United Kingdom. It is also commonly referred to as the “Double O” scale. In the rail model-making world it can be referred to as 4mm:1ft scale where one foot in the real world is equal to 4mm in the model world.

Our O Gauge Range:
Our most acclaimed kit is the Kirkby Stephen Railway Station building on the Settle-Carlisle Line. This one looks fantastic when bedded down in a mature diorama.
This building can be ordered with additional features such as preinstalled lighting with our custom-made lighting controller. (Message us for more info.)

What is O Gauge?

O Gauge sometimes referred to as “O Scale” is the oldest of all the modelling scales. At the turn of the 20th century, Märklin, a German Toy manufacturer used it to make models smaller than the then-popular Gauge 1. Back then, most of the models were clockwork but by the 1930s three-rail AC-powered models became more popular and remained so until WWII. Throughout the world, track standards varied. Märklin decided on a 1:43.5 scale – a standard still used by the UK, France and other European countries, although the US opted for the smaller 1:48 scale.
O Gauge equipment is produced at a scale of 1:43.5 with a track gauge of 32mm, which is 7 mm to the foot (using the common British practice of modelling in metric prototypes originally produced using Imperial measurements). A scale of one foot in the real world equates to a measurement of 7mm in O Gauge, the scale is often abbreviated to 7mm:1ft scale.

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